Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

Steve Kaufmann

Founder, LingQ

Judith Meyer

Founder, LearnLangs.com

Devy Baseley

Founder, French Speak Academy

Dr Richard Benton

Author, Loving Language: Learning to Hear Your Neighbor

Kris Broholm

Founder, Actual Fluency

Kerstin Cable

Founder, Fluent Language

Charlotte Donnelly

Marketing Manager, uTalk

John Fotheringham

Founder, Language Mastery

Michele Frolla

Founder, The Intrepid Guide

Connor Grooms

Founder, Baselang

Sara Maria Hasbun

CEO, Meridian Linguistics

Brian Loo Soon Hua


Jonathan Huggins

Founder, Huggins International


Creator, GoldList Method

Tim Keeley

Author, Living Life in 30 Languages

Mara Lerner

Founder, Sololingual

Heidi Lovejoy

Founder, Love, Joy, and Languages

Tamara Marie

Founder, Spanish Con Salsa

Anthony Metivier

Founder, The Magnetic Memory Method

Gareth Popkins

Founder, How To Get Fluent

Emily Richardson

Founder, Tea With Emily

Luca Sadurny

Co-Founder, MosaLingua

Bront'e Singleton

Founder & Language Coach, The Polyglot Fox

uTalk Team


Geralde Vincent-Bancroft

Founder, Speak-Fast-Languages

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