Devy Baseley

Founder, French Speak Academy

About this speaker

Raised bilingual in Paris, Devy - pronounced ‘Tey-vee’ - has spent exactly half her life in France and half jumping between English-speaking countries (Ireland, UK, now Australia).

Perhaps it’s her inter-racial upbringing (Europe/Asia) that helped to open her eyes to the far and wide world or perhaps she was born with itchy feet.

Devy is a qualified English and French teacher of 25+ years but above all she’s a huge language learning cheerleader. She founded French Speak language school in 2011 and specialises in teaching adults for fun and/or exams.

When she’s not teaching, designing a course for her online students or planning her next family adventure, you'll find her chatting with friends over a glass of red, studying Spanish or curled up on a couch with a personal development book and a huge mug of Irish breakfast tea.

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